“Fashion is about your attitude of life. Fashion should make people feel good,
look their best and be comfortable. I don’t like people to look like
fashion victims.”  — Susanne Rützou


Rützou is founded in 2000 by designer Susanne Rützou.

Since then Rützou has garnered a growing following for her unique designs, which combine feminine modernity with an eclectic sentiment. Part of the cleverness is the way Susanne Rützou has reframed the sullied term “fashion” by harnessing the DNA of the eponymous brand by seeking inspiration outside of the industry. Such contrasts are enriched by her application of ideas from cultural anthropology, history, intense studies in chromatology and contemporary art, all longstanding interests of the designer. This unique creative direction and vision has earned Susanne Rützou numerous prestigious accolades.

Susanne Rützou began creating a women’s collection with her precise traits. Attributes that continue to be the hallmarks of the collection today: Her personal style, especially researched and refined materials, and a production quality that ensures garments maintain a tailored aspect. The whole infused with her ‘poetic realism’ that makes Rützou collections unique in the fashion terrain. Rützou’s objective is to consolidate its position as an affluent fashion brand, crafting holistic clothing for women.

The company continues to expand, thanks to its strategic focus on staying independent and a settled development of the brand. Rützou collections are thought out and crafted for the cultured customer, for those accustomed to recognizing the quality. Each season the collections are the result of a product development philosophy centered on Susanne Rützou’s ideas, quality enhancement and innovation. All key aspects area managed in house.

Rützou distributes four annual international collections. There are sales offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Greece. In addition, the clothes are sold in USA, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Russia and Japan. Today the company has reached a two digit million turnover.